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In Real Life

  • Utahraptor was the largest dromeosaur, weighing in at 490kg. "Utahraptor", meaning 'Utah Thief', was only known from fragments, but scientists estimate it to be about 15 - 17 feet long, and around the height of an average adult male human. The movie series "Jurassic Park" portrayed the Velociraptor as a 6 foot tall savage, when in reality, this would be more accurately presented as a Utahraptor. In fact, Utahraptor ostrommaysorum is estimated to be larger than Jurassic Park's Velociraptor. Utahraptor was probably covered in a coat of feathers, although some say Utah, 125 million years ago was actually too hot for an animal that size to posses a coat of plumage. However, this is often debunked; a close relative of the Utahraptor, Datokaraptor, had feather impressions (more specifically quill knobs) on its tail. Utahraptor has made appearances in documentaries such as Dinosaur Revolution.

In Prehistory

  • Utahraptor is the most effective dinosaur in Project: Prehistory. This is because it's too fast and endurant to get caught by larger predators, and in groups, they can kill almost anything that isn't an apex. When pouncing is implemented into the game, the developers have confirmed that Utahraptor is too large to be able to jump, let alone latch onto its prey. What Utahraptor can do, however, is use hit and run tactics to wear its prey down. This is most effective with the Parasaurolophus. Utahraptor is able to 1v1 a Pachycephalosaurus. However, if it's not careful, it will succumb to the hard-hitting head of the Pachycephalosaurus. It is also two-shotted by the Parasaurolophus, meaning hunting Parasaurolophus is pretty risky. Utahraptor has extremely good stamina; so much so, that it can out last a lot of dinosaurs that are chasing it. It also has very good scent, and very fast swimming speed. Utahraptor is a perfect all-rounder.


  • Good at most things; exceptional in some.
  • Good Scent
  • High health for it's mass
  • Decent turn
  • Decent bleed


  • Can be one-shotted by Tier 4s and 5s
  • Low damage for it's size